Monday, July 19, 2010


70 km west of Bangkok lies the Maeklong Train Market, a favorite spot with train spotters. Here the traders will go about doing their business next to a railway line. The market is popular with locals who want fresh produce at an affordable price.

However five times in a day, the seemingly organized situation in the market will abruptly change whenever a train from Bangkok arrives.

Traders have learnt to adapt to the trains and they have adapted some clever improvisation to their make-shift stalls. Wheels are attached to the table and canopies are fixed with removable bamboo poles to allow a quick escape from disaster when the train chugs alongside within inches from their stalls.

The Thai Railway Authority makes a decent profit from this arrangement and charges each of the stall owner 30 Baht or US$1 rental to trade along the railway track.

Locals will tell you that they have no qualms doing business next to the train track but every now and then, there will be casualty namely involving mainly those over enthusiasts foreign visitors with their cameras.

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